Did you know that YOU have the...


Did you know that YOU have the power to save a life?

Jack Moloney
Jack Moloney

12:32 10 Oct 2023

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Join the Ennis Road CFR (Community First Responders) Volunteers and the SPINIs on Monday October 16th for Restart a Heart Day at Jetland Shopping Centre, Limerick between 2pm-8pm.

This October 16th, the Ennis Road CFR volunteers are bringing an essential
message to our community - it's all about Restarting Hearts. Over 70% of cardiac arrests in Ireland happen in our homes. That's why we ALL need to be prepared to respond and make a difference for our loved ones and neighbours.

Why Restart a Heart Day Matters:
Restart a Heart is a vital initiative that teaches us the life-saving steps we can
all take when someone experiences cardiac arrest. It's about recognising the
signs early, calling for help, performing CPR, and getting the nearest
Automated External Defibrillator (AED)
The Four Simple Steps to Save a Life:
1️⃣ Check: Is the person responding or breathing normally?
2️⃣ Call: Dial emergency services at 112 or 999 and listen carefully for
3️⃣ Compress: Begin chest compressions at a rate of 100-120 per minute and a
depth of 2 inches (5cm).
4️⃣ Shock: Send someone to fetch the nearest AED and apply it to the chest


On Restart a Heart Day, our volunteers will be there to share knowledge,
answer questions, and raise awareness about this critical initiative.
We will also be looking for dedicated individuals who want to become
volunteers and make a real difference in our community.
The SPINIs will be there between 2pm – 4:30pm with some goodies & taking
part in learning how to perform CPR & talking to some of the volunteers

For more information, visit or


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