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WATCH: Love Island's Joanna & Michael Come Face To Face On BBC's Eating With My Ex

Tara Walsh
Tara Walsh

02:04 6 Jan 2020

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Love Island ex's come face to face

Former Love Island flames Joanna and Michael come face to face in the latest episode of Eating With My Ex.

She grills him on his decision to stay in the villa without her and his pursuit of fellow islander Amber Gill.

The atmosphere becomes awkward when he admits his feelings for her and she turns him down.


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The video begins with Michael addressing the camera, "I am still into her. Otherwise I wouldn't be doing this."

Elsewhere, Joanna tells the camera, "I want Michael to say, 'I'm sorry,' because he did hurt me."

The pair finally meet in a restaurant and his face lights up when she walks into the room.


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Michael makes the mistake of telling her he hasn't slept much because he was out the night before.

She scolds, "So you went out last night and you've come to our date hungover."

He corrects her, "No I'm not hungover... A little bit hungover."

The topic changes to Love Island 2019

Now that they've broken the ice a little, they move onto the first question, "why didn't you leave Love Island with me?"

In case you've forgotten, Michael stayed in the villa after Joanna was kicked out.

She went home and he attempted to crack on with former flame Amber Gill.

Michael explains himself, "I always said at the start that I wasn't gonna quit... It's a bit of an experience at the end of the day."

"I was gonna just ride it out until it became my time."

Joanna says, "I don't think you realised how much it actually upset me. Leaving on my own like I felt like an idiot."


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Nothing like a yacht party

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She asks, "Why did you try it on with Amber after I left?"

He remains quiet for a number of seconds before answering, "Right so I didn't try it on with Amber."

"I basically let her know that I still had feelings for her. I wasn't trying it on with her."


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Michael goes on, "I just wanted to know if the feelings I had for her were romantic feelings or friendship feelings."

Joanna responds, "Me leaving on my own hurt me and then to see you then saying you were gonna go back with Amber."

"So imagine how I felt."

As the dinner comes to an end, they're both posed with the question, 'Shall we give it another go?'

They smile at each other and Michael admits, "Well obviously I like you."

And while she feels the same way, she turns him down.


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