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READ: Love Island's Priya & Brett Give First Interviews Since Villa Exit


12:05 17 Aug 2021

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Priya & Brett leave the Love Island villa

Love Island's Priya and Brett were dumped from the villa on last night's episode.

In his exit interview, he said he'd like to pursue a romance with her on the outside, while she said she reckons they'll be good friends.

When asked what was it about Priya that stood out to him, and he replied, 'I don’t really have a type, but when someone’s so very, very attractive…'

'I had to consciously stop myself from looking at her when I first saw her. Her eyes are captivating!'

'She had a really, really nice smile, she looked great. It was hard not to look at her.'

On the Matthew situation, he said, 'I was looking at how they were around each other.'

'I was like, I feel like I have a chance still. There was something that made me think I had a better connection with her.'

'Just from observing their dynamic,' he said.

'We had so much in common'

Brett went on, 'But it was extremely nerve-wracking. But I have a very big competitive bone in my body and that’s what got hold of me.'

Brett gushed over how alike he and Priya are, 'The instant attraction, sexual attraction is important, but sitting down and realising we had so much in common – literally down to the scars on the same knee – is absolutely bonkers.'

'We actually had a conversation where we sat down and said, 'Let’s think about stuff we don’t agree on!''

Brett was asked how he feels about everything that's gone on in the villa in the last few days.

He said, 'It’s totally fine, now both of us taking a little bit of a step back will actually help our relationship, whether we do just remain friends in the future or we try and date or whatever. I think it will be beneficial for us.'

Priya recently told the girls she had gotten the, 'ick,' and it caused some tension when word got back to him.

Despite this, Brett said he would like to pursue a romantic relationship with her on the outside.

'Yes, but I’d need things to be a bit different,' he explained.

'I would love to keep getting to know her and date her properly, but equally I’d need a different dynamic.'

'I want her to plan stuff'

He continued, 'I’d need more from her, I need effort from her.'

'I want her to plan stuff. Even just a simple thing like a run and coffee date.'

'Just so it feels that reassurance that she also wants to be there and do stuff with me.'

When asked his favourite part of Love Island, he said, 'Meeting Priya was honestly a blessing.'

'Regardless of what happens, I know I’ve got a really good friend there at the very least.'

'Who I will go to in the future, and that’s a long-lasting relationship for sure.'

He added, 'Just being around everyone.'

'It’s just fun not having any distractions, not having anything else on your mind apart from the people and the place there.'

Priya's thoughts

In her exit interview, Priya said she knew she and Brett were at risk of being dumped because they were, 'the only friendship couple there...'


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Priya was asked what she liked about Brett when she first met him and she said that they, 'could talk for hours and hours.'

'We are so similar. We both have a lot of the same interests and hobbies - running, science, health.'

'A lot of the time when Brett and I were chatting, no-one else would understand our conversation. I really loved that.'


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She added, 'I feel like the chats and the ability to talk for hours was why I chose him.'

But what went wrong? The Islander explained, 'All the other couples were getting on really well and were really solid and that put a lot of pressure on Brett and I.'

'I felt maybe the conversation wasn’t as fun and flirty as I would have hoped.'


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'I didn’t get a true reflection of his personality'

She went on, 'I felt like he was more reserved than I am.'

'I’m looking for someone who wants to get out of their comfort zone all the time, like jumping out of planes with me.'

'I think Brett was a little bit in his shell during our time in the villa so I didn’t get a true reflection of his personality.'


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When asked if she thinks they'll remain friends, she said, 'Absolutely.'

'We are going to be friends and I reckon our friendship is going to last a long time. We are so similar and we got on so well.'

'I don’t think there is anything romantic there but I know for certain there will be a friendship.'


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