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Machine Gun Kelly Gets Into Fight With Audience Member At His Gig

Tara Walsh
Tara Walsh

10:21 28 Sep 2021

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Machine Gun Kelly altercation

American rapper Machine Gun Kelly got into a brief fight with an audience member at one of his gigs over the weekend.

The fight broke out after the man shoved Kelly during his performance at the Louder Than Life Festival in Louisville.

Footage of the crowd booing Kelly and giving him the middle finger has been doing the rounds on social media.

According to MailOnline, audience members allegedly stormed the stage, and that's when the fight broke out.

However, the Independent report it happened after Kelly jumped off stage and began performing in front of the crowd.


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In footage of the incident, a man appeared to shove the artist while he was singing.

Security jumped in straight away and pulled the man away as Kelly lunged at him.

It looks like the rapper threw a punch but it's unclear whether it landed.

Support for MGK

But it wasn't all bad, there were plenty of MGK fans in the audience, and the artist even brought one on stage.

A lady by the name of Gina had been holding up a sign that read, 'let me sing 4get me too.'

So Kelly invited her on stage to perform and she said he, 'literally [made her] life.'


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Another fan showed their support for Kelly by tweeting a video of the crowd singing along at the gig.

They captioned their post, 'Im a far bigger Slipknot fan than MGK fan but come on with the relentlessly bood headline.'

It was speculated that the booing came from Slipknot fans after Kelly mocked them while on stage at Riot Fest in Chicago a week earlier.

Kelly retweeted the fan video and wrote:

'i don’t know why the media lies in their narrative against me all the time but all i saw was 20,000 amazing fans at the festival singing every word and 20 angry ones.'

No further comment has been made.

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