Louis Walsh Ranks His Fellow X...


Louis Walsh Ranks His Fellow X Factor Judges In Order During Chat On SPIN

Tara Walsh
Tara Walsh

12:23 12 Nov 2021

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Louis Walsh chats to SPIN

Irish music manager, Louis Walsh joined SPIN's Graham and Nathan for a chat this week.

He spoke about his favourite X Factor auditions, and even ranked his fellow judges in order.

Graham asked Louis to name his favourite X Factor contestants.

The former judge replied, "I liked working with JLS and Shane Ward as artists, I really liked them."

"But I like some of the crazy people," he admitted.

He gave some examples: Wagner and, "the chicken man."

But he said his all time favourite audition was Dawn The Jockey, "by a mile."

In case you've forgotten, Louis and Sharon couldn't stop laughing during the audition, so Simon asked them to leave the room.

Recalling the incident, Louis told Graham and Nathan, "We couldn't stop [laughing]. It's brilliant. It's the best one."

Nathan asked the Irish music manager about the moment Sharon Osbourne threw water at him on live TV.

"That wasn't staged. That wasn't staged at all, that was all real," he insisted.

When asked if he was, "annoyed," by the incident, Louis said, "I was, but I could do nothing."

"It was a live TV show, what could I do?"

The Irishman went on to reveal his favourite co-judges in order.

"Simon, Sharon, Nicole, Mel B. In that order," he revealed.

Louis was asked why Cheryl didn't make the cut, and he replied, "She was okay. She wasn't great fun off camera."

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Louis Walsh Ranks His Fellow X Factor Judges In Order During Chat On SPIN

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Louis is currently on the lookout for the next big boyband and girlband.

Find out more here.

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