Lorde Responds To Her Imperson...


Lorde Responds To Her Impersonator In New Zealand

SPIN South West
SPIN South West

04:42 28 Mar 2017

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This is like a real life catfish. 

A group of Lorde fans in New Zealand were tricked yesterday. There was a dance party happening, and fans were convinced that they were experiencing a live appearance from the her. 

The 'No Lights No Lycra dance party' is a weekly event at the Grey Lynn public library in Auckland, and promises an 'hour of dance and freedom in total darkness.' 

Fans got incredibly excited when word had spread that she was the special guest. They were all convinced as the impersonator's version of Green Light was uncanny. 

However, everyone realised that they had been fooled when Lorde put a picture on her Instagram from London. 

She caught wind of the news of what was happening in New Zealand and decided to set the record straight. 


A post shared by Lorde (@lordemusic) on

Lorde didn't seem to upset about an impersonator fooling some fans, she appeared flattered and called it 'quite cute.' 

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