Here's Why Ryan Gosling Is Rej...


Here's Why Ryan Gosling Is Rejecting Dark Film Roles

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Have you noticed that Ryan Gosling's films have been less dark lately? Well, it turns out he's been choosing lighter roles for a reason.

Speaking with the Wall Street Journal, Ryan admitted that he considers how each job opportunity will affect his wife, Eva Mendes, and their children.

He said, "I don’t really take roles that are going to put me in some kind of dark place... The decisions I make, I make them with Eva and we make them with our family in mind first.”

Ryan considers the 2016 musical-comedy La La Land to be the first film where he chose a lighter role with his family in mind.

He explained, “It was just sort of like, Oh, this will be fun for them, too, because even though they’re not coming to set, we’re practicing piano every day or we’re dancing or we’re singing.

"Their interest in Barbie and their disinterest in Ken was an inspiration. I thought, they were already making little movies about their Barbies on the iPad when it happened, so the fact that I was going off to work to make one too, we just felt like we were aligned.”


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How else has his family changed Ryan?

Since having children, he's also found himself becoming more safety-conscious on set. He discovered he had a new fear of heights while filming Fall Guy, which doesn't sound like ideal timing when you consider he plays a Hollywood stuntman in the film.

He described his body as turning "to stone" while he was preparing to drop in a safety harness from a ledge into an atrium.

Chatting about it, Ryan said, “I think it’s happened when I had kids—really, you start to be way more conscious of everything you do and everything you’ve ever done and everything you will do if you get a chance to do it."

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