"Did Ya Hear?" A Bizarre Ben Stiller & Owen Wilson Story


01:58 6 Oct 2022

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Did Ya Hear?

During an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Ben Stiller told a bizarre story about his daughter's friend finding Owen Wilson's wallet in Hyde Park.

On the first episode of our new Instagram Reels series, Tara Walsh takes the story to SPIN Hits presenter Peter Collins.

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The full story

Ben told Jimmy his 20-year-old daughter is currently in drama school.

Her friend from the course, who's British, was strolling through Hyde Park one day when a man cycled by on a bicycle, and dropped his wallet.

When she looked inside, she learned it belonged to Owen Wilson.

She took the wallet to park authorities, who joked, "Maybe you should go on a spending spree."

Ben continued the story, "Then she remembers, 'Wait a minute... I think Ella's dad is friends with Owen Wilson.'"

So she rang Ben's daughter Ella, who texted him, "My friend just found your friend Owen Wilson's wallet."

"So I texted Owen and I said, 'Hey, if you want your wallet back, text me right away.'"

"Five minutes later I get a text back: 'Wowwww.'"

Watch the full interview here:


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