Chloe Burrows Says Her Face 'I...


Chloe Burrows Says Her Face 'Isn't Her Favourite'

Jess Spencer
Jess Spencer

02:31 18 Apr 2023

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She's one of our faves, tbh.

Chloe Burrows has opened up about how she sees herself in her latest YouTube video.

She asked fans to roast her — which she called her "worst idea yet."

"Your face ain't symmetrical babes," one person wrote.

"No-ones in life is, you weirdo," Chloe said.  "I didn't make my face. This is what I was born with, and this is what I'm dealing with, and I personally don't mind it.

"It's not my favourite but I don't mind it."


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The Love Island star is currently on the new Channel 4 show, Scared of the Dark. 

She clearly showed she wasn't afraid of criticism though in her vlog, as she worked her way through the messages.

"I thought people who went on Love Island is supposed to be fit," she read out.

"Being fit is subjective, okay? It's not just one fit rule for everyone.

"Some people think I'm not that bad. You're obviously one of the others."


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What else did Chloe say?

Chloe admit she has "not one" friend from her time in school.

"I don't wanna be their friend, okay? Do you know what's so funny? When I came off Love Island, loads of them came out of the woodwork, like 'oh, we should do lunch.'"

"No, we shouldn't. We should never do lunch. Ever."

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