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Chloe Burrows Accidentally Confirmed Millie And Liam Are Together Again

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We *knew* it.

It looks like Chloe Burrows has accidentally let slip that Millie Court and Liam Reardon are back together again.

Seeing as Chloe and Millie live together, the pair decided to order a Chinese takeaway.

Chloe recorded the whole thing, starting with the pair trying to decide what they wanted while on the phone with the takeaway.


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When the food had arrived, a muffled man's voice was caught in the background asking Millie if she wanted a drink.

The voice was clearer as he said "Chlo," to find out if Chloe wanted a drink as well.

Even though he's only heard saying "Chlo," it was clear the Welsh voice belonged to Liam.

Chloe's TikTok has been flood with comments by fans, thanking her for the revelation.

"That is def Liam we have the same accent we’re from the same town, I know a Merthyr accent when I hear one," one person wrote.

"Sorry but is that Liam speaking in the background or am I going insane hearing it," another asked.

Other fans thanked her, saying "cheers for the confirmation, Chloe!" while one joked that they were "sobbing."

We'll have to wait and see if the trio try to explain this away.

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