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Charlie Puth Chats To SPIN About His Love For TikTok, New Music & More

Tara Walsh
Tara Walsh

02:52 26 Jan 2022

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Charlie Puth chats to SPIN

SPIN's Sarina Bellissimo caught up with Charlie Puth for a chat recently.

They spoke about his new music, his success on TikTok, being an, "over-sharer," and much more.

Charlie recently released his brand new single Light Switch and it's an absolute bop.

He told Sarina it happened by accident, "In my opinion, the best music is made when you're not thinking of making music."

"I was having fun, thinking I was just going to show a little tutorial on how to make a song and it turned into a real song."

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♬ original sound - Charlie Puth

Sarina mentioned that Charlie's famous on TikTok for sharing how every sound can be used as an instrument in a song.

He chimed in, "Yeah, everybody makes fun of me but I'm used to it now."

The artist believes, "everything is musical," and he proves this everyday on TikTok.


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"The sound of the ocean waves. That could be the background of an intro or something..."

"There's always an opportunity to make music," Charlie insisted.

"I always just want to teach kids something that they might not necessarily have known musically before."


Charlie also talked about his tendency to overshare his music online.

He said he always tried to be, "the cool guy," but he soon discovered he'd rather just be himself.

"Not worrying about being the cool artist that needs to hold onto their music until the very end and then just surprise drop it."


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"That works for a lot of artists - a lot of artists that I love! But I'm just not that artist," Charlie insisted.

"I'm the over-sharer artist... people will connect to you even more that way."

Watch the full interview here:

Catch Light Switch on-air on SPIN.

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