Britney Spears Causes Concern...


Britney Spears Causes Concern As She Dances With Massive Butcher Knives!

Shannon Keenan
Shannon Keenan

12:30 26 Sep 2023

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Britney Spears posted a video of her dancing with two massive butcher knives.


In the video the singer can be seen rubbing and even clapping the blades together while dancing.


She caption the post, "I started playing in the kitchen with knives today"



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The whole thing comes across as extremely dangerous and fans were concerned in the comments so she updated the caption - "Don't worry they are NOT real knives!!! Halloween is soon!!!"


According to TMZ, Britney has a fascination with knifes and apparently keeps knives all around her house, including her bedroom.


A source said she, "was paranoid someone was going to get her, and she needed the knives as protection."


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