Beyoncé Is Making Bathrooms Ge...


Beyoncé Is Making Bathrooms Gender-Neutral At Renaissance World Tour

Jess Spencer
Jess Spencer

03:44 11 May 2023

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This is why we love Beyoncé.

Let's forget about the fact she's not got an Irish date on the tour for a second – Beyoncé made the bathrooms at her concert gender-neutral last night (May 10).

She kicked off the Renaissance world tour in Sweden yesterday, which is her first time touring since she went on the road with Jay-Z in 2018.

Once fans started arriving at the venue, they noticed all the public toilets had been made gender-neutral. DIY signs were stuck on the walls with tape, covering up the usual signs.

The signs read "Gender Neutral Restrooms" with the Renaissance World Tour credited underneath.

We're expecting that this change has been arranged for all venues of her tour.

It's not the first time Beyoncé's made her thoughts clear around gendered bathrooms.

In 2016, she spoke out against new laws that were passed in North Carolina. The law meant that individuals must use the bathroom that corresponds to their biological sex.

If Beyoncé creates gender-neutral bathrooms when she visits there in August, it will prove to be a big statement against the state.

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