Top 10 Things To Do During A Power Cut

Top 10 Things To Do During A Power Cut
 Nelius Stackpoole
Nelius Stackpoole

16 Oct 2017

Unfortunately we haven't seen the last of Ophelia today with the storm expected to last well into the night. Some people have been with out power for most of the day while others may sill loose power as the evening continues.

During a power cut many people are left bored with time on their hand wondering what to do? Now if you find yourself in this situation  we have you covered with he 10 best things to do during a power cut. 

1) Play Cards

2) Play a Board Game

3) Sleep


5)Read a Book

6)Make a shopping list

7)Clean the House

8)Draw a picture

9)Play Charades

10) Raid the Fridge