The Top 6 New Years Resolutions That Continuously Fail

The Top 6 New Years Resolutions That Continuously Fail
 Nelius Stackpoole
Nelius Stackpoole

4 Dec 2017

New Years Eve is hit or miss! Some people are absolutely loving life, being grateful for what they have and plan for the future... One the other hand there is always the few crying in the corner at 12 o'clock afraid they will be alone forever, fear they are becoming ancient and are miserable for the night. Regardless of which one you are we all make resolutions we never keep when that clock strikes 12 and for the next month after.

Here is a list of the top 6 popular resolutions that almost always fail!

1) Loose weight

That diet is always starting tomorrow, next week or next month!

2) Spend less, save more

This is all well at the time but there is always a night out around the corner, a new item of clothing you HAVE TO HAVE or a little holiday to look forward to. 

3) Spend more time with family and friends

The festive season is to blame for this one. Often people get festive fever when they spend time around their family and everyone is all happy and getting along. Festive fever wears off and you go back to arguing in January unfortunately. When this is realised we re-evaluate this resolution.

4) Learn a new hobby

10 pottery lessons in we realise that we prefer to stick to our old hobbies of the odd gym class and binge watching seasons on Netflix! 

5) Stop smoking

This is one everyone would love to stick to for the sake of their wallet and health but unfortunately it isn't very successful!  

6) Drink less alcohol

You have 10 weddings, 5 birthdays and 3 family gatherings this year.. probably should have thought that one through! 

Can you avoid the odds and stick to yours this year?