Sharon Osbourne Says Husband Ozzy Once Knocked Out Her Front Teeth

Sharon Osbourne Says Husband Ozzy Once Knocked Out Her Front Teeth
 Nelius Stackpoole
Nelius Stackpoole

6 Nov 2017

Sharon Osbourne has made claims that she once woke up with her two front teeth knocked out after a fight with her husband Ozzy Osbourne.

Speaking to Event Magazine The X Factor Judge revealed how aggressive her relationship with her husband used to be.

During the Interview, Sharon spoke about the pair's relationship in the old days saying:  

"In the old days we were constantly fighting,"

"We loved each other madly, but we were both incredibly violent, because we'd both been brought up around violence and didn't know any better.

"I used to think if you got angry it was absolutely okay to hit someone.

"I would wake up with my two front teeth missing. We would be punching each other even when Ozzy was on stage performing."

Sharon went on to reveal how the prospect of having children made the couple work to resolve their issues with violence.

"As we grew up, I realised that this wasn't the normal way to behave.

"I saw other couples who weren't tearing each other's hair out, who didn't respond to problems by yelling and punching. Once we had children, I knew we had to stop or one of us would end up dead.

'It was about addressing the reasons behind that behaviour through talking to people, growing up and through therapy. That's how you get past it."