Jedward Boast About Their Sex Stamina

Jedward Boast About Their Sex Stamina
 Nelius Stackpoole
Nelius Stackpoole

29 Jun 2017

Yes you read it correctly Jedward have been boasting about their sex lives!

The lads are taking part in a new MTV dating series called Single AF.

Speaking to The Sun Newspaper John said, "I can definitely go for longer than an hour."

"If I can perform on stage for almost three hours – performing in the bedroom is nothing to me."

Edward explained:

"Who wouldn't want to kiss on a first date? What's the big deal? You've got to taste the flavour before you commit''

"We're definitely going to be kissing on first dates. In fact, I want to win the MTV Award for best kiss — and I want our music to play during my make-out sessions."

"I want someone who has something going on in their eyes — and I want someone with a brain," Edward said. "What really attracts me to a girl is their soul."

At least we have a glimpse into what to expect from the Dublin Twins in the new show!