Emma Willis Confirms New Job With Simon Cowell

Emma Willis Confirms New Job With Simon Cowell
 Nelius Stackpoole
Nelius Stackpoole

13 Oct 2017

Emma Willis has confirmed she has a new job with non other than X Factor boss Simon Cowell.

She announced the new during an interview with Lorraine after rumors emerged that she had been pinched from The Voice UK to host The X Factor instead.

Speaking to  ITV's Lorraine, Emma said:
"Music means so much to people. Obviously, there are various reasons that made me want to do this show but the fact that it focuses on human interest stories is everything.

"I mean, I love people, that's why I do Big Brother and The Voice. This show brings people and music together so it's just brilliant."

Emma will present the new ITV music show Your Song.

The series tells the stories of extraordinary people who are nominated by their friends and families to receive the performance of a lifetime from their favourite artist.

Going on to speak about her new boss Emma said:

"I couldn't tell you what he's like. I've not met him but I have been in the same room with him at the National Television Awards. Years ago when I first started out, I was on a red carpet and managed to grab one question with him, but that was it. And it was about 15 years ago!"

And all you fans of The Voice UK can relax Emma will continue to present the show as well.

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