CBB's Kim Kicks Off At Bianca

CBB's Kim Kicks Off At Bianca
 Nelius Stackpoole
Nelius Stackpoole

1 Feb 2017

The CBB house has been quiet for the past week but this all changed after Calum's eviction last night. Anyone who saw the live feed after the show saw Kim woodburn taking on Bianca Gascoigne.

Last night the housemates were asked to play a game but it seems like Bianca got her wires crossed and used the timeto tackle Kim over her comments to Jamie 'calling him an adulterer'. Kim nodded and tried to leave it but Biancapersisted and wanted answers from kim and we all know what happens when Kim is backed into a corner. 

Bianca began:

"My vote goes to Kim, purely for the fact that she was not very nice to my man at all," she said, unable to hide her disdain.

"I think it was uncalled for and a little bit... below the belt, shall we say? That's my reason."

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Kim obviously didn't take that lying down.

"Fair enough. I accept," she began.

"I thought we'd stay friendly and make it lighter, but obviously we're not doing this. I didn't start this. I was going to stay friendly.

"I was going to [vote for] Jedward because they're naughty. But you brought this up.

"Your young man..."

Bianca interrupted: "Please don't start."

Sorry, Bianca. Bit late now.

"YOU STARTED THIS," Kim yelled. "When you do this, you take the lightness away!"

Even Jedward had sympathy for Bianca. 

"I think [what happened is in] the past," he said. "Even the fights with Nicola, I was over it. It was weird sitting beside her [watching the clips of their arguments] because we already worked through that stuff."

These scenes will be aired when celebrity big brother continues tonight at 9pm on 3e.