6 Tips To Avoid Packing On The Pounds This Festival Season

6 Tips To Avoid Packing On The Pounds This Festival Season
 Nelius Stackpoole
Nelius Stackpoole

4 Dec 2017

Every house is filled with treats and boxes of chocolates at Christmas and it's almost impossible to avoid picking at them all through the festive season. If you have an occasion in the early months of next year and want to try avoid putting back on weight you have already lost why not try some of these tricks!

1) Be The Hostess With The Mostess

Going to other people's parties makes controlling your cravings a lot more difficult! If you host the party you have full control on what food is to offer and also it's a smart way to get rid of those tins of chocolate your Mam keeps handing you when you leave the house. 

2) Make Smart Substitutions

If your known for making the best chocolate biscuit cake in the family, why not substitute the milk chocolate for dark chocolate! 

3) Walk & Shop

Christmas is a time you cannot avoid shopping. Make sure you check out every inch of the shops, get all those extra steps in. Also don't park beside the door, the walk to the car will burn a few calories!

4) Never Shop Hungry

This one isn't just for Christmas! Shopping when your hungry will result in you filling your basket with quick foods that you can eat on the way home!

5) Try Get In Some Exercise

Yes, sitting in your pj's by the fire, with a box of hero's, on a Netflix catch up does sound like the perfect night in but why not get up for a walk the next morning to counter act the night before's binge?!

6) Make Portion Sizes Smaller

It's almost impossible to completely avoid chocolate at Christmas, so how about cutting the slice of cake in half or putting the box of sweets back in the press instead of leaving them in front of you!