5 Of The Best Irish Pranks Ever

5 Of The Best Irish Pranks Ever
 Nelius Stackpoole
Nelius Stackpoole

29 Mar 2017

If you’re Irish then Messing is in your DNA, It’s simply part of who you are. Every Irish person loves to wind someone up on all occasions.

Whether it's pulling a chair from under a friend, making a fool out of your nearest and dearest or making a prank call there is something in us that we just can resist when the opportunity occurs.

Here are some of the best examples of messing in Ireland over the past few years:


Limerick’s own Rubberbandits

The Limerick duo shot to fame with their hit song ‘horse outside’. What many of you may not know is the lads also have several prank calls on Youtube. Check the guys calling a bank in Limerick. It will have you in hysterics.



Irish fans surprise reporter

This was Irish messing at its best when Irish fans decided it would be great crack to interrupt this Hungarian live broadcast. Check it out:



The O’Donovan Brothers interview

This interview will go down in history and really went viral last year when the O’Donovan brothers’ were interviewed at the 2016 Olympics, If you want a good laugh? Check out the video.



Irish dancing around the world

We wouldn’t call them the best dancers in the world but the lads are up for the crack. This video is going to make you smile!!




Irish dad winds up hoover boy

No words needed just watch the video!!!


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