5 Books To Get Your Hands On

5 Books To Get Your Hands On

24 Nov 2017

Have any book lovers in your life? Why not get them a book for Christmas! Our very own Spin bookworm has recommended the following list:

It - Stephen King


No matter how old this book is, everyone who has read it can probably agree it’s worth the read. Released in 1986, it received a high amount of praise - a mini-series in 1990, and a blockbuster crushing box-office expectations in 2017. We are taken into a fictional town of Derry, Maine, following the lives of seven kids as they fight an evil clown haunting the area - it’s scary, it’s hilarious, it’s a tearjerker, it’s brilliant, and you feel like you’re a part of it all. Stephen King creates an entirely new world and makes you live in It. (Get the pun?)

You Will Not Have My Hate - Antoine Leiris

The Bookseller

We can guarantee that you will not find another book quite as special as this one. Released in 2016, it also received a high amount of praise, with most of the reviews scoring a fantastic 4.5/5.

It is a tearjerker, without a shadow of a doubt. It is a beautifully written autobiography following the tragic moments in the author’s life as he loses his wife in the Bataclan Paris attacks, leaving only him and his son left, and manages never to be hateful. A really touching, beautiful book and we would definitely recommend you read it.

This Is Where It Ends - Marieke Nijkamp


“Told from four different perspectives over the span of fifty-four harrowing minutes, terror reigns as one student’s calculated revenge turns into the ultimate game of survival.”          

‘This Is Where It Ends’ is a remarkably written book telling the tragic events of a school shooting in Opportunity, Alabama, showing the different perspectives of the victims.

The book has received a lot of praise, getting scores of 3.6/5 (Goodreads) and 4/5 (Common Sense Media).

The Sun and Her Flowers - Rupi Kaur


The Diamonback

‘The Sun and Her Flowers’ is a beautifully written poetry book that is “a celebration of love in all its forms”. Published in October of this year by the #1 New York Times Bestselling Author Rupi Kaur, her new book ‘The Sun and Her Flowers’ is already getting much love and attention.

If you saw her poems, we reckon you’d want to grab yourself a book, too!

The Hate U Give - Angie Thomas

Angie Thomas

The Hate U Give is a young adult novel by Angie Thomas, that follows a protagonist drawn to activism after she witnesses the police shooting of her unarmed friend. Published February 28, 2017, The Hate U Give opened at number one on The New York Times young adult best-seller list.

Well-worth the read focusing on such an important subject.