10 Free Fitness Apps To Get You Sandstorm Ready

10 Free Fitness Apps To Get You Sandstorm Ready

20 Jun 2017

10 Free Fitness Apps To Get You Sandstorm Ready

Planning on taking part in Sandstorm but you’re a bit rusty on the fitness front? Here are ten free apps to have you beach obstacle course ready by 22nd July. 


An interval timer app that uses loudspeaker and allows you to play your music simultaneously.


Couch To 5K Runner 

Does exactly what it says; gets you from the couch to running 5k through a series of reasonable training sessions.


Zombies, Run!

Get the adrenaline pumping as you’re forced to run for your life while listening to a story about a town taken over by zombies!



Discover new routes in your area and track your run using GPS.



Aimed specifically at women who are new to strength training.


Workout Journal

Helps you to keep track of your workout routines.



Charity Miles

Get fit and make a difference. Raise money based on the distance you’ve covered.


Down Dog

Easy to follow yoga videos .



A customisable workout app where you can choose which exercise combinations you do.



Helps you build up gradually to a comfortable 5K run.


Feeling inspired? Grab your ticket here!

Sandstorm with Fanta - Have YOU got the bottle? 

Note: This is an over 18's event.