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UN Children's Fund Calls For Long Ceasefire In Gaza To Deal With "Humanitarian Catastrophe"

Tom Douglas
Tom Douglas

05:45 19 Dec 2023

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Children in Gaza are living through a perfect storm of disease according to UNICEF.

The UN Children's Fund has called for military operations to be halted for an extended period of time.

It says this would allow aid in, and give agencies an opportunity to tackle disease and sanitation problems.

UNICEF Global Spokesperson, James Elder, says the destruction of sewer systems has had a terrible impact on the population.

He says in shelters people had about one toilet per 700 people.

"Now they move to street corners, dusty fields, wherever they can - and there is no sanitation."

James says children's nutritional status is down because they're not getting enough meals and do not have access to safe water.

"There's no sanitation so disease is starting to take root," he says.

"It's not just a perfect storm for disease, children are living through this storm."


Image: Geopix / Alamy Stock Photo

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