Two Fishermen Labelled Heroes...


Two Fishermen Labelled Heroes After Rescuing Woman From Sinking Car In Cork

Tom Douglas
Tom Douglas

04:18 27 Nov 2023

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Two fishermen are being hailed as heroes after saving a woman from a sinking car in Cork City.

It happened on Kennedy Quay shortly after midday when a car entered the water.

The crew from fishing boats jumped into the water, broke the rear window of the car, and rescued a woman before the car sank.

Farid Langens from Belgium was one of the men who jumped into the water after they saw the car pass their boat:

"We ran up to the next ship, luckily the car bounced against the ship, the front, so we had time to jump on the ship and grab a rope with a hook."

Farid says they used that to hook the car so it couldn't drift any further.

"Somebody smashed the rear window and there was a woman inside."

Farid says they asked her if she was all right and if she was alone. She was okay, he says.

Victor Shine from the Cork City Fire Service says it was "heroic, at the highest level."

"Without hesitation" he says the crew members entered the water and broke the window.

They also got the person who was inside, and they also managed to secure the vehicle to the side of the boat.

"An amazing piece of work," he concluded.

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