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The Northern Lights Were Visible In Ireland Last Night - Might Appear Again Today

Tom Douglas
Tom Douglas

10:38 27 Feb 2023

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Cloud cover could spoil another opportunity to see the Northern Lights over Ireland tonight.

The phenomenon could be seen last night across the island - something which is seen as a rare occurrence.

It's expected they will be most visible northern areas tonight - if there are clear skies.

The below photo was shot in Finland, but it's a good marker to see what you're looking out for!

To Ireland

Alan O'Reilly from Carlow Weather explains how people can get the best sight of them:

"A dark area is the best area to see it!" - Alan's advised people to get away from street lights and towns.

Alan added, "look North and really the best chance is a on a long exposure capture on your camera."

A long exposure is shot by opening the shutter on the camera for a period (sometimes up to multiple minutes) to capture as much light as possible.

To conclude, Alan says "the North east is probably the best opportunity tonight in terms of cloud cover and being to the North."

But he also said, "but any chance, just look up and you'll never know."

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