Over 800 Jobs To Be Cut At Dub...


Over 800 Jobs To Be Cut At Dublin Tech Company

Heather Lawrie
Heather Lawrie

09:01 1 Aug 2023

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Professional service company "Accenture" have announced it has to make big job cuts.

The IT firm will let go of 890 workers at its Irish operation.

Accenture currently employ 6,500 staff in Dublin, who are outsourced for tech giants such as Meta and Microsoft.

Earlier this year, the company made 400 of its staff redundant. This combined with the fresh job cuts, will shrink Accenture's Irish business by 20 per cent.

It is part of a global shrink down, with over 19,000 global lay offs planned by the company for this year.

Instability in the tech sector is being blamed for the move.

Adrian Weckler says despite 890 being a small percentage of its workforce, it is still a big hit to the industry.

"Accenture is actually one of the biggest IT and tech services companies in Ireland,
one of the biggest multinationals operating here.
So it was inevitable that when the belt started to be tightened on the tech jobs in general in Ireland.
That Accenture would be not disproportionately hit because it's only about 14% of its workforce. But it's inevitable that it was going to be affected."

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