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Ireland Against Russian / Belorussian Athletes Taking Part In Olympics

Tom Douglas
Tom Douglas

02:03 15 May 2023

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Ireland is against athletes with Russian or Belorussian passports from taking part at the Olympics.

Sports Minister Thomas Byrne has said he doesn't believe athletes from the two countries have met conditions to compete as neutrals.

Russia is currently engaged in combat in Ukraine, a war it began over a year ago.

Belarus has supported that military action, it's leader, President Alexander Lukashenko, attended Victory Day events in Moscow last week.

The issue of the Olympics is to be discussed at a meeting of European Sports Ministers in Brussels today.

Minister Byrne says he's "very concerned" about both nations "using the whole area of sport" to "promote their state."

He says the conditions for Belarus and Russia to compete as neutrals, "have not been met."

Minister Byrne concluded, "we will not be supporting any facilitation of that."

In a tweet in February, President Zelenskyy said "representatives of the terrorist state have no place at sports and Olympic competitions."

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