Giant Rabbit Found Wandering I...


Giant Rabbit Found Wandering In Dublin To Be Re-Homed Next Week

Tom Douglas
Tom Douglas

03:20 29 Mar 2023

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A giant rabbit that was found wandering around West Dublin is going to be re-homed next week.

The seven kilogram bunny, affectionately nicknamed Queen Maeve, is about two years old and was handed in to the DSPCA.

The charity tried to find the Flemish Rabbit's original home, but has not had any luck tracking down the legitimate owner.


Queen Maeve was neutered yesterday in preparation for a move to a new home, which has a male Flemish rabbit already.

A spokesperson for the charity told Spin "we don't want them to make loads of baby Flemish rabbits."

"So she's going to her lovely new home next week with her new family and we're delighted for the outcome."

Adopt don't shop!!! There's a list of available furry friends on the DSPCA website.

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