Expert Warns Of Dangerous Fill...


Expert Warns Of Dangerous Fillers After Patient Nearly Goes Blind

Heather Lawrie
Heather Lawrie

06:23 26 Jun 2023

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A medical expert is warning of hundreds of untrained practitioners working in Ireland's cosmetic industry.

Dr Brian Cotter, Co-founder and Global Medical Director for Sisu Clinic says the amount of young women getting fillers in non-regulated environments is "alarming".

He added one of his patients even had it done by an unlicensed individual, "lying on a kitchen table".

Dermal Fillers

A "filler" is an injection of hyaluronic acid into the face in order to restore volume or change shape and structure.

This is in contrast to Botox which reduces fine lines by paralyzing the muscle underneath.

Under Irish law, only a medical professional can administer Botox. Filler, however, can be injected by anyone, anywhere.

Dr Cotter says this has allowed anyone to set up a "filler business" after ordering the product online.


The unregulated practice is especially concerning as young women and girls are consistently targeted online. Ads promise an Instagram filter-looking face, with poreless skin, high cheekbones and pouty lips.

Dr Cotter says the lack of law has resulted in botched jobs and dangerous consequences for users. One of his patients nearly went blind after their technician accidentally injected the filler near a vital artery!

He is asking for a law to be made in which only medical professionals can administer injectable products.

In a statement given to the Irish Independent, the Department of Health said: "The Department of Health is working with the HPRA in considering the current regulation of dermal fillers in Ireland."

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