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Data From Ashling Murphy's Smart Watch Shown To Jury In Murder Trial

Tom Douglas
Tom Douglas

06:33 24 Oct 2023

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Data from Ashling Murphy's smartwatch has been shown to the jury in her murder trial.

33-year-old Jozef Puska, of Lynally Grove, Mucklagh, Co. Offaly, denies murdering the schoolteacher on January 12th, 2022.

Some readers may find the contents of this report distressing.

Detective Garda Ciaran Byrne from the National Cyber Crime Unit told the jury one of the tasks was to try and work out if any devices captured Ashling Murphy’s last movements.

He said the FitBit Smartwatch was linked directly to an app on her phone.

Detective Garda Byrne said extracted data shows her heart rate started at 100beats per minute at 2:51pm – when her exercise started - before increasing for a period of time until 3:21pm.

Here, the court heard there was a rapid decrease until 3:27, before there were slight ups and downs.

At 3:31 – the watch no longer records a heartrate.


The Central Criminal Court also heard Jozef Puska told Gardaí he was in a fight in Blanchardstown in Dublin on the day Ashling Murphy died.

Garda Keith Brennan from Crumlin Garda Station told the jury he was called to an apartment on the Armagh Road in Crumlin, Dublin 12 on the morning of January 13th 2022.

He said he observed Jozef Puska in the bedroom with what appeared to be an injury just below his belly button and with other injuries on his forehead and hands.

He said he asked Mr Puska’s cousin to act as a translator – who told him that Mr Puska claimed to have been in a fight in Blanchardstown the previous evening.

Sergeant Paul McDonnell was in the detective unit at Blanchardstown Garda Station at the time.

He told the jury he and his colleague visited Mr Puska in St James Hospital.

The court heard the Gardaí woke up Mr Puska, who appeared to be in good humour but it was apparent his English was not at a fluent level.

After asking Mr Puska what happened, Sergeant McDonnell said he travelled to Dublin with a friend coming from Tullamore, he got a taxi from Heuston Station to Blanchardstown to meet a woman, and claimed he was set upon and assaulted by two men.

He described his injuries, but the court heard he couldn’t elaborate further.

The trial continues tomorrow morning.

Reporting by Andrew Lowth.

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