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Ballybrack Apartments Residents Stuck In The Middle Of Row

Tom Douglas
Tom Douglas

12:39 24 Apr 2023

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Families in Ballybrack say they’re living a “nightmare.”

It comes after receiving threats that they’ll be locked out of their homes.

They say they’re being used as pawns in a dispute between the managers of their apartment block and their landlord.

Protestors gathered outside Ridge Hall apartments in Ballybrack earlier.

It was organised after they received a letter from the management company, threatening to deny them access to the complex from 9 o’clock this morning.

It’s claimed their landlord - Sprintside Limited - owes the company money.

However, the landlord has been uncontactable.

Six women and their 12 children are affected.

Ridge Hall withdrew the threat yesterday evening.

Might Happen Again

However, resident, Sarah Loughlin, says they’ve received no assurance it won’t happen again - especially given this isn’t the first time they’ve received such a threat:

"Just after Christmas, arrived back from work and see to all of our locks, the key fobs, the codes on the doors had been changed.

Sarah says they were, "essentially locked out of our homes for three hours."

"We didn't know what to do, it was late in the evening," she continued.

"We called The Gardaí and The Gardaí had a three hour standoff with the Ridge Hall management committee here."

High Anxiety

Another resident - Ciara - says they understand the difficult position the management company is in - but says the residents are not blame:

"It's not just been this week," Ciara said.

"It's kind of been looming over us since January."

"So it is really, really stressful, its high anxiety."

It does raise concerns over a lack of protections for tenants in Ireland.

People Before Profit TD, Richard Boyd Barrett says there’s nothing stopping this from happening elsewhere:

Reporting and imagery by Spin's Ellen Butler in Ballybrack, Co. Dublin.

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