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UK Supermarket Change Chicken Kiev Spelling In Support Of Ukraine


02:34 4 Mar 2022

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The humble Chicken Kiev has undergone a rebrand. 

Sainsbury's, a UK Supermarket, have decided to change the name of a popular chicken dish.

A Chicken Kiev will now be called a Chicken Kyiv in solidarity with the people of Ukraine.

It has joined other supermarkets in withdrawing Russian items from their stores.

The likes of sunflower seeds and vodka were the two products of 100% Russian origin.

It follows Russia's invasion of Ukraine as a sovereign nation.

A social media campaign was launched this week for supermarkets to make the name change.

Sainsbury's, however, will be the first British supermarket to do so but others are expected to follow suit.

Aside from this, the supermarket has decided to pledge £2 million to help Ukrainian refugees.

Marks & Spencers earlier this week informed the public they would stop stocking their stores in Russia.

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