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UK Rocket Launch Will Go Up From The Wing Of A 747

Tom Douglas
Tom Douglas

05:55 9 Jan 2023

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A rocket will be launched into space from the wing of a plane in the UK tonight.

Virgin Orbit is loading ten mini satellites on board the craft, which is due to take off about 10pm.

The rocket will pass an exclusion zone off the coast of Cork and Kerry before dropping the cargo into space.

Space commentator Dr. Niamh Shaw says a traditional launch pad can be considered a bit too complicated for these tiny satellites.

"The simplest way to do that is not to have a launch at all."

Dr. Shaw says the rocket is about 20m long and will be "clipped" onto the wing of a converted Boeing 747 called Cosmic Girl.

"When they reach 10 or 11 kilometres in the air they'll deploy the rocket, which gets activated."

"It brings the payload, the cube-sats, a bit further into Earth's orbit."

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