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Thousands Of Irish People Take Part In The Big Beach Clean Weekend

Heather Lawrie
Heather Lawrie

03:26 20 Sep 2022

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This weekend marked Ireland’s Big Beach Clean which involved thousands of volunteers giving a hand to clean up Irish shores.  

A recording breaking 500 clean-ups were organised this year and over 63 tonnes of litter was collected. The initiative was supported by Irish business, Cully and Sully and took place across several locations throughout the country. 



The Big Beach Clean is a yearly call to action that runs as part of the International Coastal Cleanup (ICC). The ICC is operated internationally by Ocean Conservancy and invites communities and volunteers around the country to remove litter from around the Irish coast at the end of the summer.    

The International Coastal Clean Up operates all year round, helping to strengthen environmental policies. A spokesperson for Ireland’s Clean Coasts says; 


So far, data collected from the International Coastal Cleanup have informed policy in a number of areas, leading to laws banning the use of plastic grocery bags; prohibiting smoking-related litter; encouraging the use of reusable bags; prohibiting mass balloon releases, and prohibiting foam food and beverage takeaway containers.”


The ICC reports the number one cause of marine litter is rubbish that is dropped in towns and cities. Those who do not live near the coast can help keep the sea clean too by always binning their rubbish.


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