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The New Storm Names For The Winter Season Have Been Revealed

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There's a storm a-brewin'

The storm names for the 2022/2023 Winter Season have been revealed.

Met Eireann, the UK Met Office and weather services in the Netherlands have joined forces again to reveal the names accompanying storms that hit Irish shores this year.

However, storm systems named by other weather services could hit Ireland, and they'll carry the name with them.

Best examples of this in the past were Storms Ophelia (from the US) and Lorenzo (from Spain).

Antoni will be the first Storm this year, followed by Betty, Cillian, Daisy and Elliot.

Other names which could feature (if we get a LOT of storms) are Khalid, Nelly and Ruadhán.

Naming the storms is to bring more awareness to potentially dangerous weather systems, and they would only be named if there is an orange warning or higher.

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