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Successful Fundraiser Will See Dublin Zoo Survive Into 2021


03:02 23 Nov 2020

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Dublin Zoo should be able to stay open until next spring, following a successful fundraiser last week.

The Save Dublin Zoo campaign received €1.1 million in government funding, on top of over €2 million in donations from the public.

The restrictions on visitors attending the zoo and the high cost of maintaining its 400 animals left staff fearing it may be forced to close its gates permanently.

Brendan Walsh, a zoo keeper in Dublin, says the public's support should help the zoo survive into 2021.

"We're okay until mid to late spring," he said.

"Hopefully donations keep coming in and then we can open up properly."

Mr Walsh said while they could open for some of the summer months revenue was still down.

"We had half our normal visitation per day to allow social distancing."

By spring, Brendan hopes the zoo can start to generate its own income again.



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