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Six New Public Toilets Announced For Dublin


03:20 1 Jul 2021

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Six new toilet units are to be deployed across the capital as an alternative to portaloos.


The Dublin City Council has revealed that tenders for public toilets on 20 sites across the city have resulted in the confirmation of only six units.


The toilets, rather than a temporary solution, will be functioning kiosks selling coffee, ice cream or flowers, and will have toilets operating within them.


These news facilities are permitted to operate on public lands, free of any rental charges, due to the solution they are providing to the Council.


The facilities will be located at Griffith Park, Albert College Park, Clonmel Street, Clontarf promenade, with two in Portobello.


The selected tenderer will be given a three-year contract with an option to renew for two further years, and will be able to charge for the use of the toilets in order to provide their own cleaning and maintenance.


Richard Guiney, CEO of Dublin Town, says clean, safe toilets should be provided by the council and people will pay for this option if this can be guarenteed:


"We've all done it when we've been on holidays, and people I think are happy to pay 70cent or a euro that would contribute toward the upkeep [...] so that they're safe places you can bring your children, that's really important as well."


The addition of these toilets will be welcome news to those frequenting the city during the proposed outdoor summer however, none of the new kiosks were in place by yesterday's deadline, with the first of the six not due to be in place before mid-July.

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