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New Report Shows Rent Costs Are Spiking Nationally


01:14 10 Aug 2021

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New rental report says rents outside of Dublin are up 11 per cent in a year.


According to a new report by, chronic supply shortages are causing rents to spike, particularly outside of Dublin.


The report found that the cost of renting outside the capital has surged by 11 percent since last year. The increase nationally is 5.6 percent over the same time period.


Trinity College Dublin Economist and author of the report, Ronan Lyons, says the figures in some counties are unlike anything he's seen before:


"For example, in Kerry, rents are 16.5 percent higher than they were a year ago. There's nothing like that in the 15 years of the DAFT report."


The report comes as the Government is being urged to block attempts to use student accommodation for tourists instead.


Meanwhile, Gardaí are concerned students will be targeted by rental scams ahead of college resuming next month.


Almost 1 million euro has been scammed from people who were looking for accommodation between February of 2019 and May of this year.


503 people reported the crime during this time period, with the majority of victims under the age of 35.


Gardaí are urging people to only use trusted websites, and to be wary of people letting accommodation who will only communicate via WhatsApp.

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