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Professor Warns Against Travelling Abroad For Weight Loss Surgery

Jonathan Byrne
Jonathan Byrne

08:25 24 May 2022

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Holiday abroad, but don’t get weight loss surgery - is the advice.

Medics are warning of catastrophic and life-threatening complications after surgery abroad.

It follows the trend of people who've had bariatric surgery in Turkey.

Helen Heneghan is a Consultant Bariatric Surgeon and Professor of Surgery at St Vincent's Hospital.

She says they've seen a four-fold increase in people whose overseas surgeries haven't gone well.

"After the first lockdown eased in the summer of 2020, patients started going abroad clearly in their droves," she said.

"In our experience, in St Vincent's University Hospital, (problems) increased fourfold."

"We don't know how many patients are going abroad, we just see the volume of complications coming back."

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