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Population Of Dublin Could Rise By Over 150,000 In Three Years

Sean O'Regan
Sean O'Regan

11:51 9 Apr 2019

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The population of Dublin could rise by more than 150,000 over the next three years.

A new study says a hard Brexit could add to the population pressures in Dublin, with the current population of the capital standing at around 1.2 million.

The study by Future Analytics Consulting - reported in the Irish Independent - said the population in the capital could rise by 7.5% to 11.5% depending on the severity of Brexit.

Between 2011 and 2016, Dublin City added 27,000 residents, so the numbers in today's report would represent a huge expansion for the city.

The figures would put further pressure on the housing market.

The increase of 150,000 in three years appears to be the start of a much bigger growth of population as the CSO projects it will hit 2.2 million by 2031.

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