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Expert Says Pets Are Becoming Overweight Due To 'Covid Stone'

Jonathan Byrne
Jonathan Byrne

12:18 15 Nov 2021

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It's not just for humans...

The Covid stone is inescapable, it seems. An expert has warned pets are becoming increasingly overweight.

Pete the Vet is warning pooch owners that pets have put on the pounds during lockdown.

He says 60 percent of dogs he treats are overweight by normal standards.

According to Pete - Labradors are the breed that are the most prone to obesity.

Breeds such as the cavalier King Charles, springer spaniels and cocker spaniels also at high risk.

Dr Ellen Hegarty was on the Anton Savage Show over the weekend and addressed the issue of 'overweight pooches'.

"Weight gain in pets is actually really important for a lot of reasons," she said.

"One it's a health problem, but two it's a climate problem."

"That pet is probably consuming 10 to 20 to 30 percent more food than it needs."

"It's also actually causing an ecological footprint to be enlarged with that pet."

Regarding some pets being overfed, Dr Hegarty says to cut down on portion sizes.

"Feeding a few little scraps isn't the end of the world," she said.

"If your pets weight is increasing, we maybe just have to cut back a little bit and do some more exercise."

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