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Pet Insurer Says Dogs Should Never Stick Heads Out Windows


09:11 26 Sep 2022

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The new research comes from Direct Line Pet Insurance.

A pet insurer says dogs should be banned from sticking their heads out of car windows.

Direct Line found almost half of motorists allowed their pet to stick their head out of a window during a car ride.

Of those that allow their pets to do so, 28 per cent of them sustained an injury.

In Ireland, motorists are legally required to restrain their dogs while in a car, so they won't distract the driver.

The study by Direct Line focused in on British drivers.

It found 18 percent who didn't buckle their dog in the car had an accident while driving with their pet in the last five years.

For dogs, the safest methods of restraint identified by vets are a dog seat belt and harness.

That's followed by a crate/cage or a barrier in between the boot and the back seat.

For those transporting smaller animals, vets recommend that owners keep them in a carrier or secure basket.

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