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Personal Information Being Shared Online Following HSE Cyber Attack

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It's claimed medical and personal information about patients IS now being shared online.

The Financial Times says it's seen screenshots and files, following the cyber attack by hackers on the HSE.

The records available online include internal health files, minutes of meetings, equipment purchase details, and correspondence with patients.

Head of the HSE, Paul Reid, is describing the ransomware attack as 'unfair, unjust and incomprehensible'.

Technology Correspondent Jess Kelly says some "very sensitive data" is now being shared online.

"The 27 file that have been uploaded so far shows the personal record of 12 individuals," she said.

"This includes things such as admission records, lab results and other personal, very sensitive data."

Jess Kelly believes the data being shared is from the 700 gigs of data taken by the hackers in this instance

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