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Night Cafe Opens For Homeless People in Dublin City


06:29 21 Oct 2020

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A night cafe for the homeless in Dublin has been described as 'crucial' by a service user.

It opened this evening at the Mendicity Institute to provide shelter for people who are homeless during the winter.

This year it will be working with outreach teams on the streets to ensure the most vulnerable are being cared for.

Dan is originally from Romania and has been homeless for around a year and he says the service is crucial.

"It's one of the only places still open to give help and a warm meal, everywhere else is takeaway."

"For people with no accommodation this is one of the only places still running that can provide that, so it's crucial," he added.

This was echoed by CEO of the Mendicity Institute, Louisa Santoro who says every extra outlet is needed for those who are vulnerable.

"We ran evening services for the winter months the last two years and they were absolutely vital and very needed for the people that use it."

"I think the partnership is really good but we have the blend of outreach street work and an indoor service and I think that is the perfect marriage."

Homeless Man Says Prison Is Easier Than The streets During Covid

A former prisoner says it's easier to access support services in jail than in general society during lockdown.


Another man who was at the cafe has been homeless for 24 years and says he was in prison during the first lockdown.

"As bad as people go on about prison its worse for people out here, especially elderly people."

"It's going to be tough, a lot tougher to get access, like I've key workers and social workers that I cant meet up with."

"I've a son in voluntary care and I can't get to see him," he said.


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