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Living Wage Sees An Increase Due to Higher Rents


11:26 29 Sep 2021

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The living wage has seen an increase of 60 cents. 

The Living Wage Technical Group have recommended an increase in the living wage.

They have suggested it rise from €12.30 to €12.90 according to the latest figures.

The LWTG are responsible for calculating the rate on a regular basis.

They calculate it based on the minimum income needed for a full-time employed single adult.

The income must meet this adult's basic needs and allow for an acceptable standard of living.

The 'Living Wage' differs from the national minimum wage. It currently stands at €10.20.

According to the group, they've suggested the increase due to the higher cost of rent, transport and energy bills.

They said housing in Dublin in particular, on a 'Living Wage' net salary, accounts for 64.7% of their income.

Conversely, the cost of the likes of food, clothing and car insurance have decreased recently.

Nonetheless, the LWTG have made recommendations for an overall increase of 60 cent.

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