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Leaving Cert Students To Find Out Next Week If They Have Been Affected

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Errors in Leaving Cert

Leaving Cert students who were wrongly downgraded are likely to find out early next week if their mark will be improved.

An independent review is ongoing into errors with the calculated grades system.

Around 6,500 students who were wrongly downgraded are still waiting to find out if their marks will be bumped up.

The Department of Education says an independent review into the coding error is due to be completed in the coming days.

From there, the department will know how many students are entitled to a higher mark - and it'll take a day or two before pupils are notified.

The corrected results will then go to the CAO, and it's expected to take a week before they figure out which students should get higher course offers.

Last night, the Education Minister told the Dail another 6,500 pupils may have received a higher mark than they were entitled to - meaning around a fifth of students could have received a false grade in this year's Leaving Cert.

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