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Laws Allowing Nightclubs To Stay Open Late Will Be Brought Forward Soon

Tom Douglas
Tom Douglas

01:38 8 Aug 2022

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Ireland may soon be joining other European countries that allow clubbers to literally spend the whole night dancing.

Justice Minister Helen McEntee has promised to introduce legislation this autumn that would allow pubs and nightclubs to open until the early hours of the morning.

The Minister told the that such measures would need to be added on to more public transport options both in and outside Dublin.

However the NTA has ruled out an overnight Luas, because of maintenance issues.

Give Us The Night spokesperson, Sunil Sharpe, says the nightclub industry has been in decline for years, with insurance now a major issue.

"Not one nightclub is doing particularly well at the moment, everyone is struggling."

"All of the attendances are down, it's not easy."

"Insurance is the new factor now, like I've spoken to a few operators now and even with the change in licensing laws that is coming, they still don't know how they're going to pay their yearly insurance premiums."

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