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Jingle All The Way: Brown Thomas Christmas Shops Open

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With just 99 days to go until December 25th, Brown Thomas Christmas shops have opened across the country today.

They usually open in August but were pushed back this year due to the pandemic.

"It's Not Even Halloween Yet!"


So shoppers in Dublin, Cork and Limerick can now pick up their Christmas tree or presents.

The store has six different themes of decorations for people who are already getting prepared.

There has been mixed reaction to this though, with one man telling us, "Ah it's ridiculous."

He added that, "It's not even Halloween yet, it makes everyone want to go out and get a load of clothes."

However a woman who was passing mentioned she's already begun preparing for Christmas:

She said, "I have two puddings made and some little gifts for my grandchildren."

With the selection on offer there are also plenty of price tags with the most expensive gift a €550 Christmas tree.

Christmas Shops Open Early Gives Time To Prep - Shoppers

Buying Director at Brown Thomas Rachel Morgans says there is a variety to choose from:

"It's exciting and it gives the opportunity for people to purchase now and to look at the trends or whether if it's just that one off piece they want to get now or later."

Given the uncertainties surrounding Covid-19 these shoppers say it is useful for the shop to be open early:

A woman told us, "It's great after all the pandemic and everything this year to have something that cheers everyone up."

She said Covid uncertainty has her preparing early "I'm picking up a few bits now because if the virus gets any worse in Dublin I won't be coming out."

While a man in the store agreed, "I'm kinda planning ahead now."

He mentioned it was, "..because obviously you don't know what's going to happen, so you need to get a calendar in place."

Online shopping is also available for people preparing their Christmas list.

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Jingle All The Way: Brown Thomas Christmas Shops Open

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Photographs: Leon Farrell / Photocall Ireland
Reporting by Josh Crobsie

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