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Irish Dancing Judges Accused Of Fixing Competitions

Tom Douglas
Tom Douglas

11:53 6 Oct 2022

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Judges in Irish dancing have been accused of fixing the results of competitions.

The allegations have been made within the C-L-R-G body, with one dancing teacher reportedly offering sexual favours for higher scores.

A former judge has been appointed by the body to oversee an investigation into the allegations.

But Irish Independent journalist Ellen Coyne says for people involved, it might not come as a shock.

"Irish dancing has always had a suspicion that it might have a problem with cheating or fixing of Feis-es."

"There would be examples where people might make mistakes - where to anyone who understands Irish Dancing - would have them instantly disqualified."

"Yet they might manage to come third or second or place in some way."

Main image: Handypix / Alamy Stock Photo

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